10 Ways to Work Part-Time at Home

If you’re looking for a way to earn some extra income around your existing job or have some free time and want to supplement your household income, working part-time from home could be for you.  Whether you’re a mom looking to make a few dollars while your kids nap or a busy student looking for a job to fit around your studies, the great news is there are plenty of opportunities to earn cash part-time from the comfort of your own home.

Below are ten great ideas to help you start generating some extra cash.

1. Virtual Assistant

If you have experience as a P.A. or in admin and have an excellent eye for detail with strong organizational skills, you could find work as a virtual assistant. Exact details of the job will vary, but in general, you’ll be helping businesses who need to outsource tasks such as writing and responding to emails, booking appointments and managing diaries. Check out some freelancing websites who specialize in this sort of work:  http://www.Freelancer.com and www.Flexjobs.com.

2. Home Transcriptionist

Do you have strong keyboard skills? If so, offering your services as a transcriber can be lucrative, depending on your skills and experience. At the lower end of the scale, you can complete basic data entry tasks, such as those found on www.fiverr.com. After building your skillset, you might move onto transcribing legal documents or financial materials.

Medical transcriptionists require specific training and qualifications, but work can be found online or via local physicians and hospitals.

3. Creative Crafts

Are you creative? Do you enjoy crafts? Well, with the bustling marketplaces on sites like Etsy.com, you can turn that hobby into a way to make money. Etsy sellers make and sell their own crafts. These might range from jewelry-making and beading to making your own cards and artwork, printing t-shirts, woodcarving, candle making or quilting. The list is only limited by your imagination. This is an excellent way to enjoy a creative hobby and make some money doing it.

4. Writing

If putting pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard – is more your bag, then a part-time career as a freelance writer might be right for you. There’s a huge range of writing jobs available for people who have a knack for words. You might write copy for advertising, come up with slogans to market a product, write articles or ghostwrite a book for a client.  Or you might decide to keep creative control and use your experiences and imagination to create your own eBook and self-publish on platforms like Amazon, who offers a Kindle Direct Publishing service.

5. Call Center Representative

Do you have excellent telephone manners? Experience in retail or customer service? Then being an at-home call center rep could work for you. Many companies need to outsource some of their business to agents at home who can deal with calls, process orders and assist customers. Sites such as SimplyHired.com have jobs available in this area.

6. Web Developer

There’s a growing market for people looking for someone to build a website for them. Many small businesses neither have the time nor the skill to build their own website, so look to outsource this. If you have skills in web development, you could become a freelancer. If not, there are plenty of sites that will teach you the basics of coding, such as CodeAcademy.com.

7. Tutoring

Do you have a marketable skill that you could pass onto others? Then you might consider tutoring as a source of part-time income. If you have a background in music, you could set yourself up as a music tutor. Or you could tutor kids in math. Teaching English as a second language is also an option. Or you might have other skills – are you a fantastic cook? Do you know how to make beautiful jewelry? These are all marketable skills you can teach to others.

8. Declutter Your Life and Make Money

Making money doesn’t have to entail being a freelancer or looking for an online job. You can make some extra cash simply by decluttering your home and selling the items you no longer want or need. You can resell on sites like eBay or take advantage of a site that was made especially for this purpose: www.decluttr.com

9. Use Your Space

Do you have extra room in a nice location? How about setting up a small business as a bed-and-breakfast? While this might not be for everyone, if you’re willing to share your home and provide a pleasant place to stay for business folk or travelers who are fed up with impersonal hotels, this might be an avenue worth pursuing.

10. Surveys

This may not bring in big bucks, but there are plenty of sites out there that are willing to pay you to take surveys, watch videos or complete other micro-tasks for cash. Sites like InboxDollars.com offer you the chance to make money from tasks like watching TV, playing games, redeeming coupons or shopping online.

Scams and Knowing What to Avoid

There are many legitimate ways to earn money part-time. But there are, unfortunately, scams out there designed to prey on people who are looking to make a few extra dollars.

Many sites make promises of thousands of dollars each month through earning money by doing barely any work or asking prospective employees to shell out hundreds of dollars for useless training courses and materials. It can be a minefield to figure out which sites are legitimate and which aren’t.

A general rule would be if it seems too good to be true, it is! Remember, most work-at-home jobs take time and effort.  Avoid websites that seem to make grand promises of lots of cash but are vague with respect to details or who charge enormous fees to find work. Take time to research companies and ask for references if you’re unsure.

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